At A New Day Family Counseling we know that the couple’s relationship is one of our most important primary relationships. As humans, we have an instinctive desire to be close to other people and to connect and build relationships. Why else would a man be talking to a volleyball while stranded on a desert island? Remember this Tom Hanks movie? Close, healthy relationships improve our chances of leading healthier, longer and happier lives.

These relationships offer us contentment and security, reduce stress levels, improve our immune response, can lead to healthy behaviors, and create a sense of purpose. However, our couple relationships also challenge us to grow to develop into better, more compassionate and understanding people. We also have the chance to heal those hurt parts of ourselves that may have begun in our early interactions with our family of origin. Often, we find ourselves unconsciously seeking out partners to recreate those early interactions in an effort to find this healing that we so desperately need. 

However, without professional help this may often end in futile attempts to change our partners or even accept abusive behavior. Working with a therapist can help bring these unconscious patterns to light and help you find new ways to interact with your partner that are healthy and productive.  And, if your partner is not ready to join you, you can work on these yourself.  Oftentimes, this will motivate a reluctant partner to join you when changes begin occurring. 

Working with a therapist can help bring these unconscious patterns to light and help you find new ways to interact with your partner that are healthy and productive. 

Emotion Focused Techniques

We use a combination of behavioral interventions, focus on underlying thoughts and feelings using Emotion Focused techniques, and teach communication and conflict resolutions skills using the Gottman Method. While working in couples therapy, we will work on building a "Sound Relationship House" to shore up and rebuild trust and commitment, teach you skills to regulate your emotions, communicate your feelings, as well as your, needs, wishes and desires. You will learn to compromise through conflict and restore or build a friendship from a relationship that has been worn thin by years of conflict and communication difficulties or that never got off on the right path. Further, we use the attachment and developmental models to inform our work. The first step is reaching out for help. It is important to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with. 

We work hard to create a safe place to explore and discuss your relationship issues whether these be a lack of communication, a lack of physical or emotional intimacy, broken trust, relationship strain from addiction, trauma, loss, anger or anxiety.  We will help you create a plan to improve your relationship. We have helped many couples and families improve their relationships and we can help you!  

A New Day Family Counseling in Plainfield, IL  believes in healing individuals and the whole family. Our family relationships are the most important human connection we have and have the power to hurt or heal us.  We take a collaborative, family-centered approach and use brief, solution-focused and evidence-based treatment methods.


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