Being a woman these days is tough!! So many high expectations, multiple roles and pressure to balance and do everything perfectly! Society holds unrealistic expectations for women, expecting us to have perfect bodies, immaculate homes, be all-nurturing mothers, have the perfect family, and to be poised and polished in all situations. This is enough to leave any woman feeling stressed, unappreciated, misunderstood, devalued and just plain exhausted! Without support, women end up feeling physically ill, always tired, stuck, anxious and depressed. Women fail to realize that they are the backbone of most everything -- our culture, our families, and our society. Women are the life givers, the nurturers, the ones who keeps everything running smoothly in families and workplaces, and the "glue" that holds a family together.

Despite advances made regarding wages (continuing to make less, in general) and opportunities, women still encounter sexism and are adversely portrayed in the media. They are judged more harshly over the course of their lives, first, as girls, then, women and finally, mothers. They are called co-dependent, crazy, bitches, drama queens and doormats.  Sometimes, women turn to self-help books, but these also reinforce the "double bind" that women feel. That feeling that we "love too much" or we are "too independent"; or tell us how to get a man and keep him and then berate us for investing too much in our relationships with men. Women can end up feeling like no matter what they do, it is not what everyone expects of them. 

Women also are more likely to experience sexual abuse as children and domestic violence in relationships.  There are emotional challenges to be met that occur as a part of a woman's development from menstruation, to child bearing and finally, menopause. ​ Women may find themselves having difficulty coping and may have turned to behaviors that may result in more difficulties. Or they may find themselves stuck in unsatisfying and unhealthy relationships and not sure what to do to improve these or how to make the decision to leave. 

Another area where sexism and abuse, shockingly, shows up is in the family court system. The cycle of abuse continues in court where a father uses family court to gain the upper hand in a custody dispute. When a woman decides to fight back to protect their children, she sadly discovers that the judge "finds for" the father.  This, oftentimes, results in a devastating impact where a mother loses custody of her children, receives court sanctions or finds her children placed in harm's way to endure more abuse. Counseling can help you in this situation but it is also imperative to obtain good legal advice from one or more attorneys, so that you can make a choice of the best way to proceed in these circumstances. 

A New Day Family Counseling in Plainfield, IL  believes in healing individuals and the whole family. Our family relationships are the most important human connection we have and have the power to hurt or heal us.  We take a collaborative, family-centered approach and use brief, solution-focused and evidence-based treatment methods.


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